Streamlines the requisition process to allow employees to request supplies, fixed assets, or inventory. Approval process is used to verify that requisition is valid. Combine approved requisition line items to create purchase orders automatically.

Feature Benefit
Requisition of Supplies, Fixed Assets Employees in any department can create requisition to request the purchase of needed supplies or fixed assets. Eliminates need for paperwork and saves on procurement costs.
Requisition of Inventory Employees can enter requisitions for inventory items which need to be restocked, required for a specific customer order, or needed in manufacturing. Eliminates need for paperwork which can be lost.
Requisition Approval Process Manager with appropriate approval rights can review each line item on a requisition providing approval, deny the item, or putting it on hold for further review. The manager can add approval related notes to each line item indicating specific requirements such as price range or preferred vendor.
Create Purchase Order From Requisitions Purchasing department can create purchase orders by consolidating multiple requisitions to generate a purchase order. Requisitions originating in different departments can be combined to get better pricing and to reduce procurement costs.
Purchasing Integration Full integration with Purchase Order module allows drill-down from requisition to purchase order to review current status of items which have been requisitioned. From the purchase order bring up the original requisition to compare order with original requisition request.