Report Writer (InfoMaker from Sybase)

The report writer called InfoMaker allows non-programmers to create new reports and modify existing reports interactively. A variety of report styles can be combined in a single report including: table, grid, free form, graph, group, cross tabulation, and many others.

Feature Benefit
Report Integration Reports created using the report writer can be easily added to the application as native reports with complete security control by user or group. The reports can appear on the navigation menu along with standard system reports and windows. Since the reports are fully integrated into the application the report writer is not needed to run the reports.
Interactive Data Selection A query wizard allows a user to interactively select the data on which the report is to be created. The wizard steps the user through the selection of database records and fields which have been given descriptive names such to make it easy to find the information you need. The wizard build a SQL query automatically.
Table or Grid Style Create reports which list records across the page in a tabular fashion with column labels appearing at the top. The grid style allows the user to manipulate the columns of the report to rearrange the order or change their width from within the application environment.
Free Form Style Create reports with fields arranged in a free form fashion on the page.
Cross Tabulation Style Create reports similar to the Microsoft Excel pivot table that is taking data and arranging it across the page showing the relationship between for examples sales by state as rows and months as columns.
Graph Style Create reports showing data in a variety of graph styles such as area, bar, column, line, pie, scatter, stacked. Graphs can be 2 or 3 dimensional with complete control over the look and feel. One or more graphs can also be added to any other report to show tabular data and graphs on the same page.
Composite Style Combine two or more reports created separately into a single report. This report style allows many different types of reports to be combines in a single report such as cross tabulation, graph, and grid based on different data set.
Label Style Create labels for a variety of standard label stock designs.