E-Commerce Business-to-Business

Allow customers to place orders, check inventory, review accounts, and check status of shipments directly from your web site. Improve customer service while at the same time reducing administrative costs.

Feature Benefit
Customer Web Interaction Allow specific customers with whom you have established a relationship to login to a secured part of your web site to conduct business. All activity conducted by the customer is protected by the Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol which provides you and the customer with peace of mind.
Check Inventory Customers can review products and services which you offer and check on their availability and price. Provide as much information as you wish for each customer. Define pricing for individual customers or for groups of customers.
Customer Account Inquiry Allow customers to review their own account showing prior purchases, payments, credits issued, or adjustments to their account.
Customer Orders As customers browse the web site they can add products they need to their shopping cart and then initiate check out process which will confirm credit availability if purchase is on terms such as Net 30 or will require credit card information to be provided if no terms are available. E-mail confirmations can be generated automatically after receipt of order and after shipment.
Check Shipment Status Customers who need to know the status of their order can check your web site at any time of the day and receive detailed status information. Information regarding shipments in transit can be presented to the customer by links to carriers such as FedEx, UPS, etc.
Customer Specific Reports Customers can be given access to view custom reports which contain information you wish to share with the customer. For example, manufacturing schedules for products the customer purchases from you or any other information which you have agreed to supply. The information for these reports can be retrieved in real-time or based on periodically updated information.