Development Kit

The Development Kit is designed for end-users who need to customize applications or quickly create new applications. Extensive documentation and examples are provided for the object-oriented framework. PowerBuilder objects are provided to allow customization and development of new functionality.

Feature Benefit
Technical Documentation Detailed technical documentation which will allow a professional programmer to extend the functionality of Accura Applications by modification of business rules, integration with other applications, changes to database structure, and report modifications.
Reports / Windows The source code to reports and windows to allow the addition of new fields and  change in appearance. The source code is provided for PowerBuilder DataWindows only. All script  changes are created by using object oriented inheritance from window objects and business objects to allow future upgrades without modifying source code which was created by Accura Software.
Bitmaps Collection of all bitmaps used in Accura Applications for modification to user requirements.
Database Schema The database schema showing the relationships between the database tables.