Contact Management

Repository of outside organizations including customers, sales prospects, vendors, and other entities. Maintain individual contacts within each entity. Schedule and track all activities related to each contact. Management of all sales opportunities with current customers and prospects.

Feature Benefit
Entities Entity records which are organizations or companies with which some form of communications has been established. Entities can be existing customers, prospective customers, existing vendors, prospective vendors, or any organization with which communications need to be maintained.
Contacts Contacts can be buyers, executives, engineers, sales persons or any other person within an organization entity.
Sales Opportunities Track each sales opportunity to be able to analyze and efficiently report on the sales process for each salesperson and across the entire company. Maintain information on the source of the leads which are being pursued to determine the areas where marketing funds should be allocated. Track the current status of each opportunity such as expected close date, the value of the opportunity as a fixed amount or broken down by individual products, the current probability of closing, the current stage in the sales process. Track the persons who will influence the purchasing decision and their roles. Identify the competitors who you will need to outmaneuver to make the sale.
Activities For each entity, contact, or opportunity track all scheduled activities such as meetings, calls, to-do items. Review the activities on a monthly calendar or in an activity list which can be filtered by type of activity, priority and date range. Activities also appear under their corresponding entity, contact or opportunity.
Activities Log Each time an activity is completed it will be recorded in the activities log so that it will be possible to review all events which occurred related to a specific entity, contact, or opportunity. After the fact events which were not scheduled can be entered into the activity log.
Record Level Security An owner is assigned to each record and individual user security determine if anyone other than the owner can edit the record.
Preparing Quotes The sales opportunity can be specified in detail to include the products/services, quantity, sales discounts. Sales quotes can be generated directly from the opportunity information to be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the contact person.
Comprehensive Reporting A collection of 20+ reports can be used to extract information quickly. Modify existing reports or create new reports quickly.