Common Information

Common Information maintains information such as payment terms, shipping methods, transaction configurations, and batch records. Applications support both real-time and batch processing.

Feature Benefit
Real-Time Posting Real-time posting of individual transactions is available in all modules.
Batch Approval and Processing Transactions which need to be reviewed before posting or approved by another user can be saved to a user designated batch which can be shared by a group of users or specific to one user. Batch processing for all transactions is handled through a single common interface, making it easy to manage all batch processing activities.
Recurring Batches A recurring batch can be created to replicate a set of transactions multiple times at a specified frequency such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Each time a recurring batch is posted a single-use batch of transactions is created which can be edited and then posted. 
No Record Conflicts Transaction entry, batch posting, report generation can be performed by multiple users with absolutely no record locking conflicts.
Reliable Posting Data integrity is never compromised due to interruptions in posting from power loss or other unexpected hardware/software failures. Normal operations can be restarted immediately with no need for restoring data from a backup tape, rebuilding data files, or data verification.
Distributed Processing Posting can be performed on the client workstation or distributed across the network to application servers.
Posting Approved Batches Batches which have been approved can be posted individually or as a group. Batches can be posted in the background while the user continues with other activities. Batches can also be posted from other computers on the network after being approved.
Flexible Payment Terms

Payment terms can be defined for use in various customer and vendor transactions. Payment terms define how the due date, discount date, and % of discount for early payment is calculated. Due date and discount date can be based on a specific number of days after the transaction date, a specific day of the month, or the end of the month. Discount percentage can be calculated based on one or more of the following transaction amounts: transaction detail lines sub-total, trade discount, freight, miscellaneous charges, and tax.

Freight Carriers Define carrier companies you use for shipments and services offered by each carrier. 
Shipping Methods Define methods of shipping goods which can be used on purchase orders, sales orders and other transactions. The shipping methods can be linked to freight carriers.
Company Addresses Define company address information which can include a company logo to appear on various forms such as purchase orders, or invoices. 
Comments Defined commonly used messages which can be selected to appear on various forms such as purchase orders, invoices, etc.