Cash Manager

Used for bank related transactions such as checks, deposits, deposit tickets, and transfers. Check register to bank statement reconciliation can be performed on transactions originating in any application.

Feature Benefit
Powerful Inquiry via Drill Down Get answers to questions quickly from any perspective. While reviewing your financial statements you notice the balance sheet reflects a significant decrease in a bank account, click on the number in question to reveal the underlying checks which have been issued. Click again to see the actual checks originating in Accounts Payable, Payroll or another module. No matter what the question all of the information down to the last detail is at your fingertips.
Integration With All Modules Bank related transactions originating in any application component are transferred into Cash Manager automatically in real-time.
Unlimited Bank Accounts An unlimited number of bank accounts can be defined for use in any application component. Bank accounts can also be used to represent credit cards as well as any other accounts where transaction reconciliation is needed such as lines of credit.
Bank Reconciliation Bank accounts can be reconciled including transactions originating in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, or any other application component. A reconciliation report can be generated for audit purposes.
Deposit Ticket A deposit ticket transaction is provided to deposit individual checks and other payments received from various sources into a bank account. Items for deposit can include customer payments, vendor refunds as well as miscellaneous receipts of funds.
Miscellaneous Check

The miscellaneous check transaction can be used to pay one time vendors or any other expenses outside of Accounts Payable. A check can be computer printed or manually entered after the fact. The check amount can be allocated to an unlimited number of G/L accounts. A check can be voided after posting if necessary while preserving the audit trail.

Withdrawal For non-check payments such as wire transfers or credit card charges a withdrawal transaction can be used. The withdrawal amount can be allocated to one or more G/L accounts.
Transfer Funds Between Accounts A bank account transfer transaction is used to move funds between two bank accounts. The transaction will appear in the check register of both the source and destination bank account.
Comprehensive Reporting A collection of 20+ reports can be used to extract information quickly. Modify existing reports or create new reports quickly.
Unlimited Transaction History All transactions entered in the system are available for review at any time, performance of the system is not effected by number of transactions.
No Month End or Year End Closing Process Transactions can be entered for any period in any year which has not been locked. Periods can be locked or unlocked at any time.