Alert Notification

Alert notification module allows business rules to be defined which should trigger an alert by sending an e-mail along with any relevant information.

Feature Benefit
Alert Rules Define one or more rules which should generate an alert notification. For example, when a customer exceeds their credit limit, when the number of orders reaches a specified number, or when sales of a certain types of items reach a quantity. These rules will be checked on a periodic basis to determine if an alert is needed.
Triggering Events Specific events can generate alerts immediately at the time the event occurs rather than periodically. This capability can be used to send notifications at the time a transaction is entered. This facility can also be used by custom applications to provide notification
Notification Target Configuration rules determine the person who should receive a specific notification and if the designated person is not available the escalation process. 
E-mail Notification When an alert notification is sent additional information can be provided as a simple message indicating what needs to be done or an attached report with detailed information.