Accounts Payable

Allows the efficient management of vendor transactions. Historical vendor purchasing information is available instantly when negotiating with vendors.

Feature Benefit
Powerful Inquiry via Drill Down Get answers to questions quickly from any perspective. While looking at your financial statements you notice an unusual amount of expenses for the month, click on the number in question to reveal the voucher (vendor's invoice) from which it originated. To see the original vendor invoice doesn't require a trip to the file cabinet, just click again to bring up the original vendor invoice which was scanned in to the system. Still not satisfied you click again to see the original purchase order. The purchase order originated from a requisition and with another click you see the original requester and the manager who approved the purchase. No matter what the question all of the information down to the last detail is at your fingertips.
Vendor Activity Tracking Monthly summary information is automatically tracked for a vendor, including: number of purchases, number of payments, amount of purchases, trade discount given, terms discount taken, write-off, and tax reporting. An unlimited number of years of history can be kept on-line for vendor performance analysis. Summary information is tracked for each vendor including current balance, highest balance, last purchase date/amount, last payment date/amount. Aging by user defined aging periods always shows up to date amounts.
Graphs of Vendor Activity Real-time graphs makes it easy to see trends in your vendor activity which gives you an edge in vendor negotiations.
Comprehensive Reporting A collection of 40+ reports can be used to extract information quickly. Modify existing reports or create new reports quickly.
Vendor Maintenance Create new vendor records faster by copying common field values from another vendor or a template vendor record. A vendor record identifier is up to 16 characters in length. Defaults can be assigned for each vendor including: payment terms, trade discount %, credit limit, minimum order, minimum payment, G/L accounts, and many other attributes.
Vendor Payment Process The Vendor Payment window allows the selection of vendors for which payments are to be processed using a selection criteria. Specific vouchers can be selected for payment manually or automatically using date ranges. Payment amounts can be manually adjusted where necessary. Payments can be made against specific vouchers or on-account. Generate an approved to pay report for review by manager. Specify debit memos to be taken at time of payment. An overflow report is automatically generated when all the vouchers being paid do not fit on the check stub.
Check M.I.C.R. Printing Checks can be printed on blank check stock using a special M.I.C.R. font. This eliminates the need to keep separate check stock for each bank account.
Check Signature Printing When printing large number of checks a signature image can be printed directly on the check. Extensive security features prevent unauthorized use of signature.
Create Pre-payment Checks A manual or computer check can be created for a vendor without being applied to a specific voucher. A check can be applied to one or more vouchers after the fact either manually under user control or automatically based on application rules.
Vendor Refunds An A/P Cash Receipt transaction can be used to receive a refund from a vendor in the form of a check, wire-transfer, or currency. Outstanding vendor debits can be applied to a cash receipt.
Unlimited Addresses per Vendor An unlimited number of addresses can be associated with each vendor. Each vendor can be assigned a default payment address, purchasing address, shipping address. Default addresses can be overridden at the transaction level.
Notes and Attachments Store all vendor related notes and document files such as contracts, letters, spreadsheets, pictures, scanned documents as attachments. All attachments are stored in the database for fast access.
Unlimited Account Distribution Setup per Vendor Setup a list of G/L expense accounts and descriptions to use as defaults for each vendor  when performing vouch entry. Saves time and reduces errors during voucher entry.
Merge Vendors Combines all current and past activity of one vendor with another vendor. Can be used when two existing vendor companies merge or when a duplicate vendor is found after transactions have already been entered.
Sales Commission Transfer to A/P Sales commissions earned by independent salespeople can be transferred for payment into Accounts Payable. Commissions can originate from transactions in Accounts Receivable and Sales Order. The program allows commissions from specific sales transactions to be transferred to Accounts Payable for future payment.
Unlimited Account Distribution per Voucher Voucher entry allows a vendor invoice amount to be split for distribution to an unlimited number of G/L accounts.
Monthly Installments Payments Specify that payment of vendor invoice is to be done in multiple installments. This capability is very useful in industries where installment payments are commonly used. Each installment appears separately with the correct due date when reviewing aging reports.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Large volumes of vendor invoices can be received via the Electronic Data Interchange module.
Unlimited Transaction History All transactions entered in the system are available for review at any time, performance of the system is not effected by number of transactions.
No Month End or Year End Closing Process Transactions can be entered for any period in any year which has not been locked. Periods can be locked or unlocked at any time.
Cash Manager Check Reconciliation All bank related transactions automatically appear in Cash Manager module for account reconciliation purposes.
Real-Time Integration View a list of all outstanding transactions for a vendor regardless of the application component in which the transaction originated. The user can drill-down to the original source document. Transactions can be placed on hold to prevent payment while in dispute. Transaction payment terms can be modified after posting.
Duplicate Vendor Invoice Checking A test for duplicate vendor invoices is performed during transaction entry.
Void Multiple Checks Allows one or more checks to be voided at one time. Audit trail is preserved for voided checks.