High Quality Professional Services

Accura Software offer clients a very flexible approach to professional services by clearly defining the benefits and the circumstances under which the services are appropriate. Depending on the needs of your organization some or all of the services below can be performed by in-house personnel, a qualified third party, or Accura Software consultants.

Service Description Benefit Comments
Preliminary Needs Analysis Before considering the implementation of new software you must define your basic needs and objectives. You will know with confidence the basic requirements for the new system. The people who will use the existing system and who will be using the new system should participate in this process. The managers of the departments who will be using the new system should actively participate at this stage.
Business Process Re-Engineering If existing business processes are very inefficient a redesign can be undertaken to create new streamlined processes. Ability to handle larger volume of business without increasing overhead, cost savings, and improved accuracy in delivering products or services to customers. Not usually needed for smaller companies with fewer people involved in administrative functions. Could be beneficial for larger organizations which have developed outdates processes which need to be revised. This project should be started prior to the selection of a new system, but will continue into the implementation phase so that new business processes developed are compatible with the new system which is being implemented.
Software Installation Installation of the application software and database server software. A quality installation avoid technical problems and reduces future maintenance costs. Accura Applications is typically installed on the server, client workstations do not require any software to be installed. This configuration eliminates maintenance and allows new computers to be added to the system without any additional maintenance costs. Installation is usually performed remotely without requiring an on-site visit.
Business Process to System Analysis Analysis of business process to determine how the processes will work in the context of the new system. Cost savings and increased productivity by making optimal use the of the new system. Not usually needed for smaller companies with simple workflow and very basic reporting requirements. Critical for larger organizations, when complex workflow is required, custom information systems are being integrated, or large numbers of reports were used in the system which is replaced.
Software Customization and Integration Development of custom reports, new database fields for tracking additional information, new business rules, integration with other information systems. Cost savings and increased productivity by adaptation of system to very unique business requirements. A Return On Investment (ROI) analysis should be performed before initiating any customization projects to determine if the initial cost and ongoing maintenance can be justified. Custom reports can typically be developed in house using an off the shelf report writer by a "power user" in your organization. If in house personnel are not available, Accura personnel can develop reports in a matter of hours and install them remotely. Additional database fields and records can be added to the database at any time by an in-house programmer or by an Accura consultant. New business rules can be added to any existing application window. Customization does not involve making changes to the "source code" of the Accura software, this is a critical factor to allow new version upgrades to be performed quickly.
Application Setup and Data Conversion The application setup includes configuration of system defined business rules and setup of individual user access permissions. User data entry and/or data conversion of G/L accounts, customers, vendors, item, employee records, open invoices, open purchase orders, and/or historical activity. Proper application setup is critical for a successful implementation. The entire setup process can be performed in house by using the step by step setup instructions provided with the software and the built-in import routines. An Accura consultant can be contacted to address specific questions or to do a final review of the setup work prior to going live on the software. Clients with complex data conversion issues can use in-house programmers and/or Accura consultants who can perform data conversion, including automatic correction of data from the legacy system. A Return On Investment (ROI) analysis should be performed before initiating any data conversion projects.
User Training User training is a requirement before the new system can be put into use. Trained users will be able to perform their job with confidence and increased productivity. Many factors must be considered when determining the appropriate amount of training and type of training required. Training can be performed by in house personnel who take the time to study the Accura documentation to learn the system and then can adapt the information to the business processes of the company. Accura trainers can provide on-site training to groups of users and to provide on-site assistance when the new system is put into operation.
Technical Support Telephone, e-mail, and/or fax technical support services with remote access. A fast response to any technical or non-technical application questions. Technical questions are handled by experienced programmers who are developing new features for Accura and are extremely knowledgeable. Application type questions are handled by consultants and trainers who frequently work with clients directly and are knowledgeable about many real-world issues encountered by users.